Krypt Tower Speaker Project


I bought a pair of dual speaker cans from bulletlines and ordered Polk Momo MMC650 to install in them.  These cans were built for 6 1/2 inch speakers and the Polk speakers are 6 1/2, but the mounting holes do not line up.  The speakers seem to be too small for the cans.   To fix this problem I cut a ring out of 22ga steel that I bought from Lowes.  This is a lot harder to do than it sounds.  I drilled all the holes to mount the speakers in the cans.  I then painted the ring with a metallic paint.  The speaker grill completely covers the ring so you cant see it very easily.  I also put a piece of foam in the can to mount the low / high pass filter on.  Last i cut some small rubber washers and put them between the speaker terminals and the cans because the supplied terminals do not want to seal very good.  All and all it took a lot of work to build these, but they came out pretty good and I saved a lot of money.  I have less than 500 dollars in the project total.